Get an Expert Opinion on Your Home’s Value

Online resources can give you an idea of your home's value but to really know what it's worth, you need a professional opinion. In fact, one popular online tool acknowledges that half of their estimates are more than 5% off. That means on a $400k house, half of their estimates are off by more than $20k! There’s no question this kind of tool could be useful for reference; however, if you base your plans on this information, you could wind up disappointed or in a bind if the true market value was significantly less. Or, worse, imagine if you left $20k or more on the table because you relied on that information.

This is why you need a professional who can give you accurate information on which to base your plans and can help you protect your equity when it comes time to sell. A true professional knows which comps are best and can better account for features such as upgrades, floorplan, condition, views, and the surroundings.

Call me if you’re considering selling and would like to discuss getting a professional evaluation of your home.