Best Time of Year to Sell a House in Flagstaff

Would you be surprised to learn that March is the best overall time of year to sell a house in Flagstaff? It is, indeed, and the reason being is that it’s one of the highest months for homes going under contract and yet the number of homes for sale hasn’t caught up with the demand (the inventory starts climbing in March and goes up significantly until peaking in July). By the time July rolls around, there are only slightly more sales per month and yet hundreds of more homes for sale. Essentially, you’re getting a head start on all the other people who are about to put their homes on the market and potentially capturing the buyers that they’re missing out on.

Of course, homes sell year-round in Flagstaff and we can get your home sold at any time of year, but if your motivation is to time the market just right, you can’t go wrong with listing in the next month.

So, in general, you’ll want to be on the market by March but it wouldn’t hurt to be on before that to take advantage of less competition and not miss out on a potential sale as we get closer to spring. Last January and February, there were almost 150 residential sales in Flagstaff, so there are buyers even in these coldest of months.

But what if your yard shows better in the spring or summer? The good news is that all of your competition has the same circumstances and the statistics show that motivated buyers see past that. If your home is still on the market when the foliage is at it’s best, good agents will update your pictures on all the marketing (the last thing you want is a snowy picture in the middle of July!).

Of course, these stats are for Flagstaff as a whole and there is some variation in individual areas and neighborhoods (but even those are likely different than you would think) so feel free to contact me if you have questions about your specific area.