Unusual Market Conditions Mean Good Time to Buy AND Good Time to Sell

In the real estate boom, we had an absurdly strong seller’s market, where instant sales and bidding wars were commonplace. Then in the bust, we had the opposite: a very strong buyer’s market where prices were tumbling, selection was overwhelming, and low buyer confidence kept most buyers on the sidelines. Now, we’re in an unusual real estate market where it’s both a good time to buy and a good time to sell, at least momentarily.

This is very good news for anyone who’s contemplating a move. There are a number of reasons for both buyers and sellers as to why now is a favorable market.

Why Now Is a Good Time to Buy Real Estate in Flagstaff

  • Buyers can take advantage of historically low interest rates, which gives them unprecedented purchasing power. At the time of this writing, rates have been just over 3.5%! Keep in mind that as recently as 2008, the rates were above 6%. If you’re not clear as to how much of a difference the interest rates make, read this post.
  • Home prices have essentially been rolled back to 2004 prices. This alone should be incentive enough to buy, but coupled with amazingly low interest rates, this may be the one chance to get into the home you want. You can likely afford more than you think and the prices are showing signs of increasing, so don’t miss out.
  • Rents have been increasing in Flagstaff for various reasons, including increased enrollment at NAU. In most cases, it is quite a bit cheaper per month to own than to rent.

Why Now Is a Good Time to Sell Real Estate in Flagstaff

  • The inventory of available homes has dropped by 37% in the past year! Low inventory means you have less competition from others trying sell. Also, you’re competing against far fewer foreclosures, which are typically priced aggressively.
  • Prices have begun stabilizing. This is good in that you don’t have to worry as much about putting your home on the market and watching the prices plummet before you can get sold. Some segments of the market have even begun seeing price increases.
  • The number of sales in Flagstaff has picked up over the past year by about 10%. Essentially, there are more people buying and fewer available homes.

In the past few years, most people have dreaded the thought of having to sell, but, as you can see, the market has become more favorable for selling. In fact, with the lack of available homes for sale, we’re technically in more of a seller’s market. However, with the low interest rates and good prices, you can’t go wrong being a buyer either.