Increased Demand But Prices Remain Unchanged From A Year Ago

Interestingly, despite the flurry of home sales we’ve had in Flagstaff this year, the trailing average price is about the same now as it was a year ago. We saw prices bump up a little bit this summer, but those increases seem to have faded over the past couple months.

One would think that with demand being up and supply being down, prices would continue to rise. However, the balance of supply and demand has just barely reached a normal level. In other words, there are just enough sellers and buyers to keep the prices steady; there’s not enough of an under-supply to dramatically increase the prices. One explanation could be that the demand exists only because of the lower prices and that as buyers face the prospect of paying more for a home, some just change their mind about buying.

Fortunately for those Flagstaff buyers who stay in the market, the combination of exceptional prices and historically low interest rates make this an incredible buying opportunity. And for those needing to sell, the balanced market has made the conditions for selling better than they have been in years.